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RSS in Web 2.0

rss-32x325RSS is a main driver in the era of Web 2.0. Aside from creating an environment of interactivity, RSS’ most important function is that the XML platform keeps us easily updated.  RSS is an acronym for “really simple syndication,” and almost everybody has used it, even if not aware of it. For instance, if you’ve used a social network, like Facebook, you’ve used RSS.  

RSS syndicates any publishable, frequently updated work automatically. In addition to social networking sites, online newspapers are a great place to see RSS in action. Wherever you notice information regularly changing, there is sure to be an RSS feed.

TIP: Feed Readers allow users to aggregate multiple syndications all in one place. Are you a news junkie? Have a few favorite blog pages you like to visit? Then, get a reader. Google Reader, Newsgator or Pageflakes, for example, make it easy to pull in all of your favorite news sources, blogs and more.  Your feed reader will replace the need to visit your favorite sites individually, and probably save you a bunch of time in the long run.


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