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Evernote to Reclaim your Space!

Remember Everything.

Remember Everything.

This Sunday morning is met with staring at ten semi-organized piles of information sitting atop the chipped, worn desk. This mess calls for Evernote, an account made exactly for taming all those back-of-the-napkin notes menacing business people of all ranks. Evernote allows you to pull in just about anything from website URLs and webshots to PDF documents, along with, best of all, snapshots or scans of hand-written notes. You then describe and categorize each item for easy reference, and it’s all stored on the web. Obviously, using Evernote is much better than signing over all of our vacant desktop real estate to the paper monster.

Evernote even has a mobile application that stores voice, text and snapshot notes. You will be able to synchronize all your notes between your mobile device, desktop and then access on the web. There is no limit to the many uses of this fabulous organizational program. We use it. We love it. Now, it’s off to tame these piles. Spring is in the air. In its honor, it’s about time to reclaim this desk!


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