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What is a Blog? Basic Overview

The client looked at me quizzically and said, “you know, I’m not sure I know what a blog is.”


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Social Media Explained

If you’ve wondered about social media, it’s benefits and the overall “big picture,” this video provides an excellent briefing. There’s no doubt social media has exploded and is providing businesses a whole host of new options for building online exposure.

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Twitter Despite the Fear

twitter-blue-birdThere remain a lot of great opportunities out there in the world despite all the bad news regarding the economy.

Social networking, for instance, and online marketing, are growing exponentially.  Twitter has surpassed Facebook and Myspace as a profoundly useful micro-blogging site.  Twitter is also catching Google in the search race.

Since Twitter Search was introduced it has proved to provide more immediate search results over Google by hours, if not days with respect to the most current events. Twitter, interestingly enough, taps into the instantaneous thoughts of, well, everyone Tweeting.  Imagine the possibilities.

Don’t lose sight of the growth. It’s out there. But it has changed shape, and it’s not in the same places we were looking before.

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