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Wasted Money on the Web

Ultimately, when websites are missing back-side coding, effective keywords or other critical elements allowing them to be crawled by web bots, and be found by people using internet search, the website is typically less productive than it could be. And, sadly, these website owners may have wasted money on the web.


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What is a Blog? Basic Overview

The client looked at me quizzically and said, “you know, I’m not sure I know what a blog is.”

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Social Media Explained

If you’ve wondered about social media, it’s benefits and the overall “big picture,” this video provides an excellent briefing. There’s no doubt social media has exploded and is providing businesses a whole host of new options for building online exposure.

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Evernote to Reclaim your Space!

Remember Everything.

Remember Everything.

This Sunday morning is met with staring at ten semi-organized piles of information sitting atop the chipped, worn desk. This mess calls for Evernote, an account made exactly for taming all those back-of-the-napkin notes menacing business people of all ranks. Evernote allows you to pull in just about anything from website URLs and webshots to PDF documents, along with, best of all, snapshots or scans of hand-written notes. You then describe and categorize each item for easy reference, and it’s all stored on the web. Obviously, using Evernote is much better than signing over all of our vacant desktop real estate to the paper monster.

Evernote even has a mobile application that stores voice, text and snapshot notes. You will be able to synchronize all your notes between your mobile device, desktop and then access on the web. There is no limit to the many uses of this fabulous organizational program. We use it. We love it. Now, it’s off to tame these piles. Spring is in the air. In its honor, it’s about time to reclaim this desk!

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RSS in Web 2.0

rss-32x325RSS is a main driver in the era of Web 2.0. Aside from creating an environment of interactivity, RSS’ most important function is that the XML platform keeps us easily updated.  RSS is an acronym for “really simple syndication,” and almost everybody has used it, even if not aware of it. For instance, if you’ve used a social network, like Facebook, you’ve used RSS.  

RSS syndicates any publishable, frequently updated work automatically. In addition to social networking sites, online newspapers are a great place to see RSS in action. Wherever you notice information regularly changing, there is sure to be an RSS feed.

TIP: Feed Readers allow users to aggregate multiple syndications all in one place. Are you a news junkie? Have a few favorite blog pages you like to visit? Then, get a reader. Google Reader, Newsgator or Pageflakes, for example, make it easy to pull in all of your favorite news sources, blogs and more.  Your feed reader will replace the need to visit your favorite sites individually, and probably save you a bunch of time in the long run.

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Head in the Computing Clouds

cloud04_small1You might have heard the term cloud computing. Since computing is sometimes tough with our feet touching the ground, how do we manage computing in the clouds?

Cloud computing is generally viewed as supercomputing power online. Since most people are only armed with a normal PC, not a supercomputer, cloud computing links many computers together creating a kind of supercomputer via the net. Data processing functions are then split up across multitudes of machines specially networked together.

Think of it this way – the sum of all those computers together becomes greater than the value of the individual parts. 

Cloud computing is not totally mainstream yet, but is gaining traction amid networking and security issues. In the meantime, we’ll keep computing on the ground as we await Web 3.0!

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Twitter Despite the Fear

twitter-blue-birdThere remain a lot of great opportunities out there in the world despite all the bad news regarding the economy.

Social networking, for instance, and online marketing, are growing exponentially.  Twitter has surpassed Facebook and Myspace as a profoundly useful micro-blogging site.  Twitter is also catching Google in the search race.

Since Twitter Search was introduced it has proved to provide more immediate search results over Google by hours, if not days with respect to the most current events. Twitter, interestingly enough, taps into the instantaneous thoughts of, well, everyone Tweeting.  Imagine the possibilities.

Don’t lose sight of the growth. It’s out there. But it has changed shape, and it’s not in the same places we were looking before.

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